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Engaging with the commercial kitchen design team at Expert Restaurant Supply will ensure that you receive comprehensive support, from optimizing the physical layout to selecting the right equipment and ensuring compliance with regulations, ultimately contributing to a successful and efficient kitchen operation.

What to expect when you work with an expert

A conversation with an expert

A member of our team will reach out to discuss your goals and vision for the project.

Personalized service

Our designers will translate your goals into a plan that works with your space, menu, and labor requirements.

build you vision

By working with us, you can build with confidence knowing that all aspects of a great foodservice design have been taken into consideration.

ways we can help

Our design team can expertly maximize the use of available space, ensuring efficient workflow and preventing overcrowding.

By carefully planning the layout, the team can create a seamless workflow that minimizes unnecessary movements and enhances productivity.

We can assist in choosing the right mix of commercial kitchen equipment, ensuring it aligns with the menu, volume of service, and budget.

The team at Expert is knowledgeable about local health and safety regulations, ensuring that the kitchen layout complies with all necessary standards.

The team considers the overall aesthetic of the restaurant, ensuring that the kitchen design aligns with the theme and ambiance of the dining area.

We can recommend energy-efficient appliances and layout configurations, helping your restaurant reduce utility costs and environmental impact.

Our team can design a kitchen layout that accommodates future expansion or changes in the menu, providing a flexible foundation for the restaurant’s growth.

Adequate ventilation and safety measures are crucial. Our design team ensures that the kitchen layout includes proper ventilation systems and safety features.

By leveraging our expertise, restaurant owners can make informed decisions that align with their budget constraints while maintaining quality.

The team stays abreast of the latest kitchen technologies and can recommend innovative solutions for improved efficiency, such as advanced POS systems and smart kitchen appliances.

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