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Krowne Metal, RS2025, Grease Filters

  • Royal Series 20H X 20W Heachvy Duty Aluminum Greachse Filter

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Master the art of cooking with the Krowne Metal RS2025 Grease Filters. Designed for commercial restaurant use, these heavy-duty aluminum filters are essential for maintaining a clean and efficient kitchen. With a size of 20″H x 20″W, they effectively capture grease and prevent it from accumulating in your exhaust system, reducing the risk of fire hazards and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Each case includes 1 filter, packed by Krowne Metal, a trusted vendor in the industry. The Royal Series Grease Filters are easy to install and clean, saving you time and effort. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in high-volume kitchens. By removing grease particles from the air, these filters also help improve the air quality in your restaurant, creating a more pleasant dining experience for your customers. Upgrade your kitchen with the Krowne Metal RS2025 Grease Filters and enjoy a safer and more efficient cooking environment.

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