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  • Dishwasher Rack 16-Cup Extender

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Ensure effective preparation with the Omcan 33872 Dishwasher Rack 16-Cup Extender. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, this dishwasher rack extender is a must-have for any busy kitchen. With its durable construction and 16-cup capacity, it allows you to maximize the efficiency of your dishwasher and streamline your dishwashing process. The extender is packed by Omcan, a trusted name in the industry, ensuring its authenticity and reliability. This dishwasher rack extender is sold as a single unit, making it convenient for restaurants of all sizes. Whether you need to wash plates, glasses, or utensils, this extender provides the perfect solution. Say goodbye to overcrowded racks and hello to a more organized and efficient dishwashing experience. Upgrade your restaurant’s dishwashing capabilities with the Omcan 33872 Dishwasher Rack 16-Cup Extender.

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